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Early Bird Gets The Worm

March 15, 2023

The early bird catches the worm. Or so the
old saying goes. Because most proverbs are based on superstition and tradition,
it doesn’t come as a surprise when we find out that they are just that:
tradition and superstition. But then there are those whose legitimacy has been
proven by science. And the early bird catches the worm belongs to the latter
category. A real disappointment for all of us who leave the bed only when
nature calls. Or social obligations. Or work….you get my point.

The interaction of the sleeping hormone melatonin and the stress hormone cortisol is responsible for that. Namely, the pineal gland in our brain spills out melatonin in the night and when it gets
dark. This means that the melatonin decreases during the day whereas cortisol increases. Depending on the length of the day and whether it’s in summer or winter, the peak of the cortisol
production is reached at around 6:30 am when only a little melatonin is left in our blood. From a hormonal perspective, it’s between 6 am and 9 am that we reach our optimal mental performance.
Thank you, hormonal reactions.

No one denies that there are those who defy these laws of nature and reach their peak of productivity when stars grace the sky. But these ‘night owls’ just have no luck.
Unfortunately the offices are not open at 12 pm. Most office buildings, that is. As far as I know. Therefore they are forced to give what they can during the day. But what if they
could raise their productivity before the nightfall? Here are some tips and tricks that can turn every night owl into an early bird:

Get enough sleep

Let’s start with the most obvious one. The recommended seven to nine hours will not only help you to go through the day, but also make your getting up earlier much easier.
Put your smartphone farther away from the bed. If you can’t reach it, it won’t keep you awake.

Slow and steady wins the game

If you usually wake up at 9 am, but want to start the day at 7 am you probably won’t be that much successful. Instead try working your way up to your goal slowly.
Start with 8:45, then after a day or two 8: 30 and soon you’ll reach 7 am.

Consistency is the key of success

After reaching your optimal day starting point set the alarm clock every morning. Including the weekends. A

Work on your alarm clock

Don’t harass the snooze button. Disrupting sleep an hour or so before actually getting out of bed may disturb our REM cycle, which helps stimulate brain regions linked to cognition.
Set one alarm for when it’s time to rise, and another one a couple of minutes later just in case you oversleep.Your roommate will be thankful. And replace the usual BEEEEP with some
happy sounds. It’s always easier to start your day with something you like.

Hit the gym


The perfect reward for your morning workout. Breakfast that features protein, fruits or vegetables, and a whole grain will provide you with the energy you’ll need
during the day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for your new life style. The early bird has even longer to wait until lunchtime.