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How To Fight Post-Lunch Fatigue

March 15, 2023

You are looking forward to that meal that awaits you home the whole day, and when you dig into it, it didn’t disappoint. But then afterwards you suddenly
feel tired and drowsy. Where does this feeling come from? This blog post will cover that topic.

When you eat something your body ups the work rate, i.e. the digestive process has begun.  When this happens, your body decreases the
supply of oxygen to the brain. This reduced supply of oxygen manifests itself in the form of fatigue.
The things you eat can lead to more or less fatigue. Empty carbs (e.g. white bread) and sugar release more insulin in the body. This insulin spike will
inevitably lead to a crash later on making you feel tired, low energy and unable to fully concentrate.

6 tips to avoid fatigue after meals


More than half of our bodies are comprised out of water. So, to ease the body’s hard work we should always refill its
batteries. Additionally, many people often mistake hunger and thirst. Therefore, drink a glass of water when hungry just to be sure you really are.


It is the most important meal of the day for a reason. If you had a decent breakfast you won’t be as hungry throughout
the day. Additionally, you won’t eat as much for lunch.

Take a lunch nap

If you have the luxury to take a lunch nap, then do it. A power nap lasts for 10-20, and don’t sleep for much longer
because you will wake up even more tired.


A little bit of moving after a meal can do wonders for the mind. The fresh air and exercise supplies your brain with
plenty of oxygen. If you can’t go outside, open the window and take some deep breaths. Check out the
for quick and effective post-lunch exercises.