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Improve your stamina, power, and reflexes!

App Launch September 15th, 2023
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Ahmed Villa
Your Coach

Ahmed Villa

“This app is my go-to training companion fight prep”

MMA Fighter 11-4

FFC Lightweight champion

BJJ Blackbelt

Currently fighting in Oktagon MMA

Are you feeling exhausted during sparring?
Our workouts will help you crush fatigue. Dominate sparring with our intense fight-prep workouts!
Do you want to improve your speed & endurance?
Our workouts will empower your stamina, regardless of your discipline - Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA & more.
Do you want an audio-guided trainer in your pocket?
Train anywhere, anytime: Experience pro techniques through shadowboxing and heavy bag workouts - master your skills, even from home!

You will improve

Stamina & Power
To improve your stamina and power, start with 6 rounds. Once you effortlessly get 8 rounds, we guarantee you'll be unstoppable in any fight!
Repeating drills will help you build muscle memory. Train your body through drills, and watch as it moves automatically during sparring.
If you are unsure about your technique, it is easy to check. Our app brings technique breakdown by Ahmed Vila.

When to use?

Prepare for fights
If you want to use our app to prepare for a fight, note that you need to conquer eight rounds effortlessly.
Warm up for sparings
Discover the power of our app as a sparring warm-up! Improve your muscle memory, and your body will move automatically during your next session.

Experience dynamic AI-generated workouts created in collaboration with pro fighters!

Jack Tipton

Amazing app helps out sooo much with my boxing and ufc training. Will definitely be recommending this app to a lot of my clients help soo much and the fact that we get a reply from yourselves makes it even better haha

Georgia Millis

Have been using MMA Spartan for a while now for home workouts. Used to use the meal plans a lot too. Best app of its kind that I've tried! You can pick and choose what workouts you fancy doing, or stick to a regime.

Stojche Gocevski

Absolutely great app for home workouts. I've been using the MMA Spartan Pro too, where you'd need access to a gym, as lots of exercises includes weights, where this app, all you need it's a joga mat. Keep up the good work, SpartanApps. Love it.

Darren Childs

Amazing apps Being an ex royal marine these apps are outstanding, I'm benefitting a loads with the circuits you've created. These apps are a must for anyone wanting to improve fittness and strength. Good work and well thought out.

Chris Mashburn

Tons of workout options for those with no equipment. It's provided me with bodyweight HIIT workouts during my 50+ lb weight loss journey. I still have a way to go, but am iincredibly pleased with the results so far!

Raul Reutov

This apps is great. I am just two days away from completing the spartan pro workout course and I am seeing a difference in my upper body big time.