Colby Covington: 'Corner McGregor' Ian Garry Lost to Michael Page at UFC 303

July 1, 2024
Colby Covington recently went off on Ian Garry’s performance against Michael Page at UFC 303 on Saturday.

Garry and Page started off the UFC 303 main card action at the T-Mobile Arena with what turned out to be a lukewarm affair. While Page had his moments on the feet, Garry controlled “MVP” on the ground to rope in a unanimous decision win.

Covington believes Garry lost the fight. Garry had long rallied to share a card with Conor McGregor, who was originally scheduled to headline UFC 303 before pulling out due to a broken toe. Covington labeled Garry “Corner McGregor,” poking fun at “The Future” for being “left at the altar” by McGregor.

“I feel bad for the fans. The fans got robbed of a pay-per-view opener,” Covington told Submission Radio. “That’s supposed to be the opener [on] pay-per-view. So, that was pathetic. That guy [Garry] was fighting the No. 14 ranked guy [Page] in the world and barely scraping by. I think he lost the fight. So, I feel bad for the fans. They got robbed. And it just shows how much of a bum he is. Like, ‘Oh yeah, I wanna be on a Conor McGregor card.’ He was willing to do whatever you want him to be on a Conor McGregor card because his name is ‘Corner McGregor.’ He’s the Conor McGregor wannabe, so he pulled all these strings to be on a Conor McGregor card, and then Conor left him at the altar. I thought that was pretty funny.”

Garry has been calling Covington out since “Chaos” went on an online tirade against the Irishman and his wife. While Garry has repeatedly accused Covington of ducking him, White recently claimed that the former interim champ has never shied away from a fight.

Covington also doubled down on his digs at Garry’s wife. Further questioning Garry’s stardom, Covington noted that the undefeated welterweight wasn’t bumped up to the co-main event slot despite that fight being in jeopardy several times.

“I thought he was a star. I thought Ian Garry was a big name? What happened? Like they had their co-main event fall through like six or seven times,” Covington said. “There was a guy that was already on the card, why couldn’t he get bumped up to co-main event? I think that shows what the UFC thinks about the guy. The guy’s an absolute nobody and he’s a bum, and he has no reason to talk about anything. He keeps talking about this GOAT stuff. The only GOAT that he has is his wife and she’s a throat GOAT, if you know what I mean.”

While he had critiques of Garry’s performance, Covington claims that he didn’t actually watch the bout on Saturday night.

“You think I would spend a Saturday night watching two jobbers fight on pay-per-view? I got better things to do with my life, brother,” Covington said. “I’m a multi-millionaire star athlete. I gotta go out there and enjoy my life on a Saturday night. I wasn’t watching fights, let alone two bumps in my division that I couldn’t care less about.”

Covington hasn’t fought since a lopsided title loss against Leon Edwards at UFC 296 in December 2023. The former interim champ has gone 2-3 since 2019, with all of his losses coming in title fights.


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