In Numbers: Dan Ige vs. Andre Fili

February 9, 2024
Center stage is primed for a featherweight co-main event between two seasoned contenders in Dan Ige and Andre Fili, as the spotlight shines brightly on UFC Fight Night 236 this Saturday at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

For Ige, the road to this fight has been fraught with inconsistency. Emerging from a challenging three-fight stretch, he regained his stride with pivotal victories over Damon Jackson and Nate Landwehr before encountering a setback against Bryce Mitchell. Amidst the ebbs and flows, Ige’s tenure within the UFC has been highlighted by unwavering grit and skill, making each bout an opportunity to reaffirm his standing in the division. Opposite him stands Fili, a fighter whose career has been marked by flashes of brilliance amidst moments of inconsistency. With a recent Round 1 stoppage if Lucas Almeida under his belt, Fili enters the Octagon armed with renewed confidence, eager to seize the opportunity presented by this co-headlining clash.

As anticipation builds for this electrifying matchup, all eyes turn to the statistics that underpin the skills of these two seasoned featherweight contenders:

3.76: Ige demonstrates an impressive significant strike rate landed per minute of 3.76, highlighting his activity and effectiveness in the striking department.

45: Ige boasts a significant striking accuracy of 45%, indicating his ability to land precise strikes and inflict damage on his opponents.

3.53: With 3.53 significant strikes absorbed per minute, Ige showcases his durability and resilience in absorbing strikes while maintaining his offensive output.

57: Ige’s significant strike defense stands at 57%, indicating his proficiency in evading and blocking opponents’ strikes while minimizing the damage inflicted.

1.07: On average, Ige lands 1.07 takedowns per 15 minutes, showcasing his ability to mix up his attacks and secure advantageous positions on the ground.

26: Ige maintains a takedown accuracy of 26%, highlighting his effectiveness in executing takedown attempts against his opponents.

58: Ige boasts an impressive takedown defense rate of 58%, indicating his ability to thwart his opponents’ takedown attempts and keep the fight in his preferred striking range.

0.3: With an average of 0.3 submission attempts per 15 minutes, Ige demonstrates his proficiency in grappling exchanges and his willingness to seek out submission opportunities when the fight hits the mat.

3.86: Fili maintains a rate of 3.86 significant strikes landed per minute, showcasing his activity and volume in the striking department, which is slightly higher than Ige.

37: Fili possesses a significant striking accuracy of 37%, indicating his ability to land strikes with precision despite his high-volume output.

4.11: Fili’s capability to withstand 4.11 significant strikes per minute underscores his durability and fortitude when facing strikes.

51: Fili’s significant strike defense stands at 51%, showcasing his ability to evade and block opponents’ strikes effectively.

2.19: With an average of 2.19 takedowns per 15 minutes, Fili shows proficiency in grappling, emphasizes his ability to dictate grappling engagements.

47: Fili maintains a takedown accuracy of 47%, indicating his effectiveness in executing takedown attempts against his opponents.

69: Demonstrating a strong 69% takedown defense rate, Fili proves his capability in nullifying opponents’ takedown attempts.

0.3: Fili, on average, initiates 0.3 submission attempts every 15 minutes, showcasing his grappling acumen and his proactive stance toward seeking submissions when the fight transitions to the ground.

3: Fili is tied with Hakeem Dawodu for most split decision wins in UFC featherweight division history.


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